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Board of Directors (2014-2015)

Robert Russell, Music Director, ex officio
Kathleen Grammer, Executive Director, ex officio
Heidi Seitz, President
Barbara Kapp, Vice President
David Nicklas,Treasurer
Elizabeth Serrage, Secretary
Mark Johnson
Michael Boyd
Peter Bagg
Melissa Duffy
Andy Graichen
Richard van Bergen
Sam Wilson
Michael Bachem, Manager, ex officio
Peter Plumb, Clerk

CAS Mission Statement

The Choral Art Society is dedicated to advancing the tradition of artistic excellence in choral singing. We seek to enrich both the cultural life of the community and the musical experience and learning of members. We do this through performances of a wide range of choral music, educational outreach, and artistic collaborations.

CAS Vision Statement

The Choral Art Society will be a model performance organization recognized by our audiences and our peers for the high quality of our music; appreciated by members joined together by the love of choral singing, the challenges of mastering a diverse repertoire, and the opportunity to build their skills as choral musicians; and valued by our artistic partners and the broader community.

  Greek Mosaix of Orpheus Singing to the Animals