Considering Matthew Shepard

Special Notice regarding Considering Matthew Shepard:
Due to COVID-19, ChoralArt has postponed its performances of Considering Matthew Shepard for the foreseeable future. Details will be released when it is once safe again to perform this piece.
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Craig Hella Johnson Considering Matthew Shepard

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University of Southern Maine Chorale

Director’s Notes, Robert Russell: I had an opportunity to hear Considering Matthew Shepard while attending a recent national convention of the National Collegiate Choral Organization. I attended out of curiosity, not certain what I would hear: posturing, preaching, complaint, chaos… What I heard moved me: the story of a young man in the wrong place at the wrong time who met the wrong people. Described as a fusion oratorio – elements of musical theater, choral a cappella, gospel, country & western, and opera, accompanied by string quartet, piano, clarinet, guitars (acoustic and electric) and percussion – Considering Matthew Shepard tells the tragic story in simple, often understated terms, with narration and commentary from chorus and soloists. It was a wrenching experience that profoundly affected me – ultimately the story of “life over death, love over hate, light over darkness.” This composition has all the hallmarks of a classic: a musical experience of immediate interest whose resonance will permeate the musical world for many years to come. I want to share that experience with audiences in Southern Maine.


To learn more about Considering Matthew Shepard, read The Matthew Effect by Richard Knox


Pre-concert talk 30 minutes before each regular performance.

Considering Matthew Shepard will be presented without intermission. Running time is 90 minutes.


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Supported in part by an Alfred Nash Patterson Grant from Choral Arts New England.