Singers 2019 Re-Auditions

These auditions are for current members of the Singers ensemble who wish to return for the next two seasons.

Whereas it is not required that you audition with your section, it is helpful to me in making comparative judgements to hear singers according to this schedule:

– 10:00 AM Basses
– 11:30 AM Altos
– 12:30 PM Break
– 1:00 PM Sopranos
– 2:30 PM Tenors

Auditions will be scheduled in 8 minute increments. Contact Gail at to schedule your audition.

  1. Sing a cappella the melody of the first verse of “America the Beautiful” (O beautiful for spacious skies…) in the key appropriate for your voice:
  • Soprano 1 in F (begin on c, octave above middle c)
  • Soprano 2 in E-flat (begin on b-flat above middle c)
  • Alto 1 in B-flat (begin on f above middle c)
  • Alto 2 in G (begin on d above middle c)
  • Tenor 1 in E (begin on B below middle c)
  • Tenor 2 in D (begin on A below middle c)
  • Bass 1 in B-flat (begin on F below middle c)
  • Bass 2 in F (begin on C below middle c)
  1. Sing selected excerpts from Duruflé Requiemand Britten Rejoice in the Lamb and Festival Te Deum. You will not know exactly which excerpts until your audition begins.
  2. Sing, as instructed, either the top, middle or bottom pitch of a triad that is played on piano.
  3. Hear a melodic pattern of 4-6 pitches and sing it back to me.
  4. Sight-read a tonal melody of moderate difficulty that modulates from minor to major.