Choral Resources

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In this section CAS members will find all necessary information to participate fully in the Choral Art Society.

You will find all you need for rehearsals and performances, including schedules, pronunciation guides, translations, and mp3 files.

You will also find a roster and contact list, minutes of meetings, and other membership materials.

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Techniques and strategies presented to the American Choral Directors Association in February 2003 by Robert Russell, from three decades of teaching singers in choirs of varying ages and abilities.

Vocal Training in Chorus



Why do we sing what we sing? How are programs developed? There is a process in accord with our Mission and Vision statements  – including consultation with Music Advisory Committee and Board of Directors, as well as occasional surveys of singers – that guides our selection.

Here is a link to the full article on ChoralArt programming: Programming Philosophy



Your voice is your instrument and the way you treat your body correlates directly with how well you sing.

To give your best to the rehearsal, performance, your peers and the conductor, you must be well rested, hydrated, musically prepared and vocally fit. Here are some tips.

Here is a link to the full article on vocal fitness: VOCAL FITNESS



Many singers can improve their sound with attention to six characteristics of vocal production. Here is a link to an article detailing some vocal exercises: Vocal Ease



The benefits and pitfalls, pros and cons, of re-auditions. The intent of this article from Chorus America is to further understand the re-auditioning process and why it is important: Re-auditions