ChoralArt Policy for Respiratory Illnesses

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ChoralArt Policy for Respiratory Illnesses, effective Apil 1, 2024

In light of the CDC’s recently updated guidelines for common respiratory viruses including COVID-19, flu and RSV, the ChoralArt COVID Health and Safety Committee has carefully considered what changes should be made in ChoralArt’s policies. Proposed changes were presented at the April 1, 2024 Singers rehearsal, and all agreed with the proposed changes. Following is a summary of the approved changes and the rationale behind them.

The question that is important to address for our singing group is when to return to singing at rehearsals and performances. CDC’s guidelines recommend that after the first 24 hours, if no fever and starting to feel better, people can resume normal activities. But they also recommend that for the next 5 days people should take precautions to prevent spread to other people, including “wearing a well-fitting mask” and “keeping a distance from others.” Since singing is considered an activity that can spread respiratory germs more readily than in some other activities, the proposed new policy takes the CDC’s 5-day recommendation seriously and includes it in the policy.

There is also the situation to consider of individuals who are within the 5-day period and want to fully participate in a dress rehearsal or performance. The proposed policy will allow them to participate if they test negative for COVID the day of the event. Although those individuals might have respiratory illnesses other than COVID, at least the people singing next to them could be reassured that they have tested negative for COVID.


Changes to the ChoralArt COVID Health and Safety Protocol, effective April 1, 2024:

  1. The protocol name will be changed to “ChoralArt Policy for Respiratory Illnesses”
  2. No Contact Tracing will be conducted. (CDC does not recommend any contact tracing.)
  3. No sign-ins or testing will be required at rehearsals.
  4. Participation in rehearsals by Zoom will continue to be available for those unwell or traveling.
  5. There will be no seating charts. The Music Director will determine seating arrangements.
  6. Notices will be eliminated on the website ticket page regarding vaccinations and masking.


New Policy, effective April 1, 2024:


ChoralArt Policy for Respiratory illnesses

If you feel unwell:

  • Stay at home for at least 24 hoursuntil your symptoms are improving overall, and your fever (if present) is gone without the use of fever-reducing medication.


For the next 5 days after resuming normal activities:

  • Take additional prevention strategies to curb disease spread, such as wearing a well-fitting mask, keeping a distance from others, taking steps for cleaner air, enhancing hygiene practices and/or getting tested for respiratory viruses.



Contact the Safety Officer and your Section Attendance Leader:

  • Let them know of your situation prior to the next rehearsal. Although contact tracing for COVID will not be done, the Safety Officer will advise you on whether you can have a partial or full return to rehearsals and performances.
  • Safety Officers: Sarah Bailey (, C: 207-890-4591), Ann Elderkin (, C: 207-712-3957)

How to Return to Rehearsals:

  • For the next 5 days after resuming normal activities,you will be able to do a partial return to rehearsals, sitting away from others and wearing a mask.
  • After those 5 daysyou can return to full participation in rehearsals and performances.
  • Individuals within the 5-day period may fully participate in a dress rehearsal or performance if they test negative for COVID the day of the event.


ChoralArt COVID Health and Safety Committee

Ann Elderkin, Chair

Sarah Bailey

Robert Stoddard

Red Sullivan