Rehearsal Files

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In this section CAS members will find all necessary information to participate fully in the Choral Art Society.
You will find all you need for rehearsals and performances, including schedules, pronunciation guides, translations, and mp3 files.
You will also find a roster and contact list, minutes of meetings, and other membership materials.

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Rehearsal Recordings

If you want to just listen to the recording in your browser, then click on its title. However if you want to download the recording do NOT click on the title first. Instead, RIGHT-CLICK on the title and then select “Save Link”.

Brahms, Ein Deutsches Requiem 2024

Rehearsal, 02/19

Rehearsal, 02/12

My apologies, it didn’t record.

Rehearsal, 02/05

No audio compression used for Mvmt. 5 with Molly, other files are compressed.

Rehearsal, 1/29

No audio compression used this time for any of it. Any preferences? Let me know.

Rehearsal, 1/22

I normally gently compress rehearsal audio, to make quieter parts and Bob’s voice easier to hear and follow. For full near-performance-level passages and YouTube performances, I leave them uncompressed so you can hear the full dynamic range, as noted below. On a separate note, if you have an all-marked-up Robert Russell Brahms score and the middle pages are pulling away from the staples, let me know,, and I’ll bring equipment to rehearsal to re-staple the pages.

Rehearsal, 1/15

Sorry, I didn’t think of recording our separate parts on Mvmt 3, 173-187. For just the notes, go to, Mvmt 3 starting at 5:55

From YouTube, Frankfurt Radio Symphony, broken down by movement

Recommend: Start with Cyberbass, then Rehearsal, then Reality Check: Can you follow and keep up with everything going on here.

From YouTube, Bruckner, Os Justi, by Tenebrae, conducted by Nigel Short