Christmas Repertoire

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In this section CAS members will find all necessary information to participate fully in the Choral Art Society.

You will find all you need for rehearsals and performances, including schedules, pronunciation guides, translations, and mp3 files.

You will also find a roster and contact list, minutes of meetings, and other membership materials.

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CATC-2021 program
CATC 2021 Program notes

If you want to just listen to the recording in your browser, then click on its link. However if you want to download the recording do NOT click on the link first. Instead, RIGHT-CLICK on the link and then select either “Save Link As…” or “Save Target As…” (whichever one you see, depending upon your browser).

Roster divisi 2021

Pronunciation files:

Mendelssohn Pronunciation
Chenokov Pronunciation

Sound Files:

Personent Hodie

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Silent Night

To Sing Again
To Sing Again -soprano
To Sing Again -alto
To Sing Again -tenor
To Sing Again -bass

Verileh Mendelssohn-CAC-2015

Let Us Adore


To Sing Again-final
Let the River -choral score
Let the River -mm. 37-40 – Score
For Unto Us – Study

Chesnokov Study
Chesnokov-bass – Score

Let Us Adore – score
Let Us Adore – Score – Soprano
Let Us Adore – Score – Alto
Let Us Adore – Score – Tenor
Let Us Adore – Score- Bass-1
Let Us Adore – Score- Bass-2
Let Us Adore – Score- Bass-3